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Bass, Guitar, Vocals




Music has a way of touching people’s souls.  Have you ever noticed what happens when pre-school kids hear music with a good beat?  They are incapable of remaining still… their bodies naturally move to the beat.  Unfortunately, most people have managed to cover up this natural instinct through social propriety, or perhaps self-consciousness.  

Raise the Roof seeks to tear down people’s resistance to moving to the rhythm of a good dance song.  We do this by playing classic songs with irresistible beats.  We change genres frequently so that the music remains fresh, but always with a great groove.  Our greatest joy as a band is to see people “cut loose” and lose their inhibitions about dancing… we can’t resist moving ourselves!  We see and feel the release, freedom, and joy that occurs among a group of people dancing freely.  We mix in slower songs where couples get to move and sway together in unison, bonding with their dance partner. 

​For those people who just won’t get on a dance floor, we seek to touch them also.  Songs take people back to the era(s) when they listened to those songs, typically evoking vivid memories and strong emotions.  We strive to take people on a “stroll down memory lane” and allow them to feel warm feelings from another era. They love this.

All of us in Raise the Roof love music and feel the exhilaration of playing skillfully as a band. In the end, though, we know that what we do is “not all about us”… it is all about the people we play for, and so we work very hard to ensure that our music is “just right” for them.  We have approximately 100 songs on our playlist, so we let event organizers select the music that works best for them. We also can learn a couple new songs that a client requests for any event.